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There are many teachers, teachings and Masters, most are very different. This site is one person's journey out of the emotional struggle and into the state or experience that many call Spiritual Enlightenment. There are other names for this including Self Realisation, God Realisation, being 'awake' or being 'nothing' to name a few.

Perhaps more surprisingly, as unchanging as the truth is, and often summarised simply as 'I am This' (whatever 'this' is), the story thereafter can be very different according to numerous factors; including the person's own upbringing, attitude, culture and mental capacity. Therefore, as rare as it is to find someone who is truly Enlightened (or whichever term they prefer to use), it is perhaps even rarer to find two Enlightened teachers who teach exactly the same thing. As a result, this has led to much confusion and debate amongst those searching for the answers and those teaching it.

We invite you to enjoy what is here but, if you are looking for answers, comparing those contained within Nick's teaching with others in an attempt to understand them all is likely to only confuse you further. As the Buddha is recorded to have said over 2000 years ago, 'Do not believe what anyone tells you, even if I tell you, unless it agrees with your own common sense and experience'.

For more information about Nick Roach and his teaching, follow the links at the top of the page for a description of Nick's path and the struggle he went through for many years. Also find information on upcoming meetings and books and CDs available, and a few questions and answers as an example of the types of subjects Nick deals with. Please feel free to contact Nick if you have any questions.


Nick Roach

Nick began looking for some reason behind all the emotional ups and downs at the age of 17years. He soon found and single-pointedly followed the teachings of a Western Spiritual Master until at the end of 2002, at the age of 30yrs and after many years of inner work, Nick entered the much sought after state known, amongst other names, as ‘Enlightenment’.

Nick now teaches the subject in perhaps the simplest and most direct way ever, showing others that they too can experience this thing that many that dispute is achievable or whether it even exists at all. Nick's book 'Enlightenment, The Simple Path' is a great description of this journey we call 'Life' and how one can wake to see through the illusion, or at least to find some peace from the difficulties we face every day. Nick's second book 'Essays in Truth - Glimpses into Reality' gives further descriptions and explanations as to the nature of existence.

We hope you enjoy your visit. If so, please tell others.


The Truth is Within you.


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Nick Roach

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